GEN 2018


Our CBHP conference draws to a close on the 9th of July 2018, but not to worry, there is still plenty for you to do! Immediately on the 10th to 17th of July you can flow on to the Global Ecovillage Network gathering in Lilleoru, 6km's down the road where there are a host of activities.

The GEN 2018 activities connect well to the subjects of our conference. “The Wisdom of Conscious Communities” offers presentations, lectures, co-creation sessions and more than 60 hands-on workshops. You will be joined by 500 experts and practitioners from eco-communities all around the world. To inspire sustainable transition in communities and whole countries alike.

To find out more, please visit Lilleoru's GEN website:          tel: +31624720549          ©2023 by The Plan.         Proudly created by START-UW-COMMUNICATIE