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The most powerful people on earth are kindergarten teachers. Think about it .... any shortfall in parenting skills can, to some extent be offset or compensated for by an inspiring and empowering adult in the child's early life. The importance of this idea was brought home to me by Michelle Alexander in her book, The New Jim Crow in which she discussed findings suggesting that an anomaly in the success rate of High School students from a run down area who graduated from University could be traced to a single teacher. This teacher somehow managed to inspire ALL her students to become high achievers and want to go on to higher education.

When we extend this idea it is possible to see how such a development could determine the future of entire societies as more and more young people grow up inspired and empowered and start to work and change society.          tel: +31624720549          ©2023 by The Plan.         Proudly created by START-UW-COMMUNICATIE