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Song, dance & music have of course long been employed in healing and as a means of reafirming and bringing joy to community. As practices of 'communion' they transcend the limited subjectivities of individuals and are therefore worthwhile exploring in the context of transition and transformation, growth, healing, awakening and expansion of the human potential.

Song, Dance & Music in Healing & Peacemaking

Talking Stick traditions exist all around the world. The gift of these traditions is the 'listening' that results from each and every person having space and time to speak and be heard. Talking Stick also allows us to 'hear ourselves' in the mirror of other people's listening and hearing. It thus creates a powerful mode for transformation and growth, the resolution of conflict etc.  

Talking stick as tool of Transformation & Integration

Along with ancient traditions like 'Talking Stick' come new practices that evolve in the face of contemporary global crises and awareness of the ways in which human beings interact, organise and come into action. Awareness of the obstacles and possibilities available through the way we organise the time and space we share is the backbone of future practices of healing and peacemaking.

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